Friday, December 30, 2011


I know I have been so incredibly absent from the blog. The boys and I were gone for almost a month, then we got back and frantically prepared for Christmas (and our anniversary & Preston's birthday which are still coming up...). Add to that clean-up from having the interior of our house painted while we were gone...and yeah, you can see why I've been absent!

So back to the vacation. After a couple of days in L.A., of course we had to go to Disneyland. Unfortunately it was a bit of a let down compared to other times we've been there, but we had fun despite numerous rides being out of commission, a less than stellar Holiday parade, rain, and lots of people. Apparently the boys weren't hampered by the things that irritated me, and they have already started saving money for our next trip.

The boys' favorite rides:
Toy Story Mania
Gadget's Go Coaster
Buzz Lightyear
Thunder Mountain Railroad (for Preston anyway...B didn't like it!)

Sunday, December 11, 2011


We've been busy: walking around, navigating the metro on a search for a double stroller so I can (safely) explore the city with the boys while John is in meetings, taking in a King's game (well, as much as Archer and the people around us could tolerate), and playing at what seems to be the only kid friendly area of downtown L.A.: the park. (And on that note, there are seriously NO kids around. It's bizarre.)

Mostly pictures for now, more later!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

On the Farm

The boys and I have been staying with my parents since a few days before Thanksgiving. John flew back home to work, but we stayed to #1 say goodbye to Auntie Kristen (who just moved to Lithuania), and #2 go on a big road trip to Cali where we'll meet John (who gets to fly instead of riding in a car with 3 little boys for 16 hours)

The boys are super anxious to get started on the road trip, but in the meantime they are having fun helping Poppa on the farm.

"Duck in a Pond"