Monday, February 10, 2014

Is it Spring yet?

No. No it's not. 

Instead it's currently dumping snow on us. I thought things were taking a turn for the better after our negative temperatures/highs in the single digits, but instead we have low 20's and snow. Ugh. Not sure which I'd prefer, but I'm definitely not a fan of either one! Give me 80 degrees and sunny all year round please! Or at least above freezing. I'd take that at this point.

6 weeks until Spring, right? I can make it!

Oregon just had a huge snow storm (well huge for Oregon), and I was reminded of why I used to like snow and now despise it. In Oregon, everything shuts down. People enjoy the snow because it comes maybe once a year (maybe!), and only lasts for a few days. Here? School and work go on like normal, even with 3 feet of snow on the ground. Ice? Deal with it. Temperatures that feel like -30 with windchill? It's okay, just keep the kids inside during recess (yes, this happened all last week...I felt so sorry for the teachers!).

But enough complaining. For now. And a few pictures to liven things up!

Monster jam!
Swimming lessons...B has now learned to take breaths while swimming, and Arch can swim the width of the pool (no breaths yet). Preston is working on perfecting a few different strokes. I'm so proud of them & impressed at the crazy progress they have made since we started in September!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Under the Weather

My poor littlest boy has been under the weather today. I feel fortunate that we haven't had much sickness in our family this winter (or really, any winter), but occasionally a boy (or two or three) gets a little run-down, and that was Arch today. He's been running a fever and his little body aches. He has been voluntarily relaxing on the couch which is completely unheard of for him! He even took a few little naps! 

Ender was pretty concerned about him. She couldn't figure out why he wasn't playing with her, and she ended up resigning herself to napping on the floor next to him. Really, I think she was probably just irritated at the lack of attention!