Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fall Hike

We had beautiful Fall weather today so we took the boys for a hike at Farragut. I could not have asked for a more perfect hike! It was so nice just hanging out with the boys without any of the craziness that has consumed our lives lately. The colors were beautiful, and the boys had fun playing "find the mystery plant" which was made up by Preston...someone would find a piece of a plant on the trail and then everyone else had to find a matching plant. 

The boys are also very into identifying different varieties of trees, which John loves to do also thanks to his days in the forest service. And I'm glad he knows them because I'm pretty pathetic at tree identification unless it's a fruit tree!

Lots of pics from the hike. Because it was a beautiful day and my kids are cute!

Sunday, October 4, 2015


"You are a man of your own will, Bryton. You are in charge of your own body." - Preston


Archer: What's that?
Bryton: Beard spray.
Me: shaving cream?!
B: yeah whatever. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Crazy

Sometimes I feel like the weekend is just as much work as the week. We are just as busy (busier??) on the weekends it seems. Besides our soccer games and double birthday parties last weekend, the boys also had a Cub Scout campout, a ski team meeting, and then a ski team event in Spokane to get deals on the gear they need. And of course my kids all needed gear since they just keep growing!

John took the boys to the campout while I cleaned up from the party. I had anticipated a quiet evening at home, but instead I ended up with cleaning until dark and then going to bed. Oh well! The campout was COLD though. Poor boys! We ended up getting our first frost that evening! I'm not ready for winter yet! (But I never will be...)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Birthday Celebration Weekend

Well...a little late (for B), and A LOT late (for Arch)...but we finally did birthday celebrations this weekend! I gave the boys the choice of either inviting 2 friends and going to Triple Play or doing a backyard birthday party with whoever they wanted to invite. True to form, they chose different things - probably just to complicate things for their mom!

So we started off with a Triple Play bowling celebration for Bryton with 2 of his buddies. It was such a fun, simple party! After bowling, we did pizza and cupcakes. Honestly I was really hoping Archer would want to do Triple Play too, but no such luck.
8! Still can't believe it. 

After soccer games today, we did Archer's pirate party in the backyard. Even though it was a lot more work, it was a lot of fun too. We did a treasure hunt where the kids had to do certain tasks first (walk the plank, pirate ship races, ring around the sword, piƱata...) and then the treasure was hidden at the end. 
6 candles for this kid! 

I am SO GLAD that we have a few months until our next birthday! Doing both parties in one weekend, along with soccer, ski team sign-ups (eek! Already?!?!), and cub scouts...well, it's a bit much! But it was fun to celebrate these 2 crazy boys!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


A: "Jugs are bad, right Mom?"
Me: "ummm...what?"
B: "DRUGS. He means drugs!"
A: "oh yeah, drugs!"

Friday, September 11, 2015

1, 2, 4

1st grade:

2nd grade:

4th grade:

All 3 of my handsome boys:

They are all loving school so far, and I am personally so happy with the teachers they have! Bryton and Archer's teachers are ones that we have had before (and LOVE) and Preston had his teacher for reading switch last year so he knows her. 

The boys are also riding the bus home this year which is huge! They love it, and I'm learning to give them a little bit of independence. As much as I love summer and having the boys at home, it is so nice to see them loving school and getting back into a routine. 
Walking home from the bus stop

And this is what John & I got to do today...we were kid-free for 7 hours!