Saturday, December 13, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

I hate winter, but I LOVE Christmas! We put our tree up right after Thanksgiving, followed by St. Nicholas Day. I've been trying to come up with Christmas crafts to do, and we went to the North Pole. It's been a fun Christmas season so far! The boys have their last week of school this week, and I am SO ready to be done! We could use a little bit of a break from the routine. John will also have some time off, which is nice since he hasn't had any vacation time since buying the practice in May. (He insists that Samoa wasn't a vacation!)
These are Christmas gifts for the boys' teachers. I'm proud that I won't be scrambling at the last minute! I will be getting them each a gift card to go with it. 

Here is our journey to the North Pole:

I tried so hard to get a pic of the boys with Santa and the fireworks in the background, but it took so long to get them to look at me (instead of the fireworks!) that this was the best I could get. 

And finally, almost caught up!, Bryton had a Christmas program at school the other night. Last year they did grades 1-3 and it was filled to capacity, and then some, so this year they cut it down to grades 1-2...and they were still filled to capacity. It makes it a little bit chaotic and difficult to get pics, but I managed a few!
Handsome B in his Holiday best!
Singing his heart out!

B with 2 of his besties

So Much

This will probably be a lot of catch-up randomness. I am not doing so great at keeping up with the amount of pictures that are on my phone! It's been craziness around here, what with the 3 boys and their school/activities/etc., Thanksgiving, snow, birthday parties, John taking a "work" trip to American Samoa (this was a while ago...I'm a lot!), the boys and John chomping at the bit to go skiing (the mountain opened last weekend)...the list goes on and on! 

So. Starting with the oldest thing: John's trip to American Samoa. I was jealous. He got to spend a few days on a tropical island while I stayed home in the cold, snowy weather (which truthfully hasn't been TOO bad so far, thankfully!). Either way, it's tough to not be jealous when you get texts like this:
Yeah. He's lucky. :) 

The boys and I went to a birthday party, and just laid low for a few days.

Preston discovered a new love: Calvin and Hobbes.

And B is reading the "My Father's Dragon" series, which is pretty challenging for him but he's loving it!

Yeah, Archer spent an entire day dressed like this, and even went out in public...thankfully it was not a school day!

We had parent-teacher conferences right before Thanksgiving, and took the boys out to celebrate their amazingness afterwards. I'm so proud of them! I really wasn't sure how Archer would adjust to kindergarten, but he has done awesome! His teacher had nothing but good things to say! (Same with my older boys - they're all awesome. Their teachers this year are pretty spectacular too!)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Bryton: "I hit the back button!" (P & B were navigating their school website)
Preston: "No Bryton, that's not the back button! That's the destroy button!" (B had hit backspace)


"I know why they call it Lookout (referring to Lookout Pass Ski area...where we - or the rest of the family anyway - ski)! Because you have to look out for trees, and other people and stuff like that when you're skiing." - Bryton

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Boy and his Dog

This puppy has been an amazing dog for our family. She has some quirks, but we love her! 

Preston's class is doing a fundraiser for the humane society, and one of their tasks was to bring a picture of themselves with their pet(s) if they have any. It took a bit for Ender to get that she was supposed to sit still a pose for the camera, but she finally understood that the point was not to wrestle and play.

And a few outtakes:

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Archer and I put together a world map puzzle today after school. I asked him where we live...he spent a long time studying the map, and then says to me: "I'm looking for 'C' (our last name). It's supposed to say C!"

Sunday, November 30, 2014