Wednesday, July 25, 2012


So technically I'm not posting on this blog while we are having our super exciting (well, the first 2 months were exciting I'm ready for a house!) summer of camping.

BUT. Archer turned 3 yesterday, and that is definitely worthy of a blog post!

We celebrated last weekend with a day completely dictated by Archer. Our day consisted of the following: "the peanut place" (Texas Roadhouse), Cabela's shooting gallery, a bike ride on the centennial trail, the park, ice cream, and pizza.

Yesterday we spent the day at a friend's house where the boys got nice and dirty, then came home to have Archer's birthday dinner (Mac n cheese & peas) and cake (rainbow M&M cake). This kid is opinionated! :)

At 3, Archer is still a non-sleeper! He's also still mommy's boy 95% of the time. He's fearless (except he's a little afraid of weed whackers!) and adventuresome. He loves playing in dirt, sand, and water. He is VERY independent, but is also a cuddler. Archer frequently bosses his brothers around, and wants them to include him in everything. He has pretty much zero interest in movies/TV, although we did discover that he loves Super Why! He has actually adjusted to trailer life pretty well, and it's been much easier now that we've moved him into his own bed (he was sharing with B).

Archer definitely has given us a run for our money, but we love him to pieces! Happy Birthday, Archie!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


"When I grow up, I'm going to be a snowman!" -Archer