Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Evening at the Park

This is one of the new kiddie rides at Silverwood...I went on it last time and got a little nauseous, but the boys seemed to love it.  However, notice the look on B's face this time...
Yeah, I think he's pretty relieved that the ride was over!
So B & Arch went on the "ferris wheel" together while Preston went on a few rides with John.  This was Archie's first time on a ride without a parent along!  I was concerned (he's kind of an escape artist) but he was so excited to be on the ride he didn't even ATTEMPT to get the seat belt off!
Then of course P wanted to go on the ride, so B got to go again.
Standing in line for the "roller coaster."
B, front row.  In his words: driving the train.
All in all, a fun night.  Hoping for a little warmer weather next time though...the boys were a little chilly after the water park!  (Although not so chilly that they couldn't enjoy their ice cream...)

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Backyard Berries

They must taste good given how quickly they are disappearing!

Friday, June 24, 2011

23 Months Old...

...and I love that he still sleeps like this!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1st Day of Summer

I forgot how wonderful it is to have WARM WEATHER!  Aaaaahhhh (that was a sigh of relief, instead of the usual frustrated "aaaaaahhhhh" in regards to the weather!).  The boys played outside ALL DAY, and even though my house has sand/dirt/rocks all over it, along with lots of dirty clothes, I only had to break up maybe one little fight today!  And they all 3 took naps because they were so exhausted.  It was so nice and warm we decided to take a shot at the Silverwood water park this afternoon and evening, and we ended up spending a couple of hours there.  The boys were freezing by the time we left, but it was well worth it.

I really, really, REALLY hope this weather is here to stay this time!

Last time we tried to get Arch to go in the water, he kind of freaked out.  This time...success!  He LOVED it!

Break time.
Time to go...cold and tired, but happy!

The Lost is Found!

My camera has been found!  So to catch up: camping pictures from a week and a half ago. 
B blowing bubbles.  These bubble containers were an impulse purchase when we stopped at the store to pick up some last minutes things.  From now on, I think they will be a camping necessity!  It was nice to have an easy outdoor activity (that they can do independently!) other than bike riding.

Archer, ever the climber, spent way too much time climbing up the side of the chairs and flipping over the armrests.
Fake smile, but nice looking marshmallows.
Hmmm...are they done yet?
Arch in motion.  Blurry picture, but I love the look on his face!
Mobbing Daddy to get marshmallows

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Camera is Missing...

If you click to make the picture bigger, you will see that Preston is riding his bike without training wheels!  He's gotten really good in the past couple of weeks and was speeding around the campground.  Archer & John were lagging behind while I kept up with the big boys.
...so I have one lone camping picture from last weekend.  I KNOW the camera is at home somewhere, and I'm very thankful that it is the little cheap-o camera that is missing vs. the big expensive one that I refuse to take anywhere.

We intended to go to Glacier Nat'l Park, but ended up canceling due to Preston saying he wasn't feeling well, and weather predictions of (1) 22 degrees (2) thunderstorms (3) snow showers.  When Preston miraculously recovered after about 8 hours of sickness, we decided to head to our favorite little campground that is relatively close by.  It was COMPLETELY FLOODED.  We continued on to a camping area that was recommended to us as being on a "little creek."  Turns out, when the water levels are high, it is a gigantic rushing river that pretty much takes over the entire camping areas and even encroaches on the road a bit.  Also, it is meant for TENT CAMPING and John had to turn the truck/trailer around on a tiny 1 lane road right next to this "little creek" aka gigantic rushing river.  By this time, the boys were a little on edge, as was I, and it was getting dark...

Luckily we found another campground that was along the same road as our favorite one...it's bigger with a higher price tag, but at that point, who were we to complain???  We found out when we got there that there was something wrong with the (new) battery that we had just bought for the trailer, and our heater wouldn't work without hooking up the electrical.  THANK GOODNESS we didn't go to Glacier...the campground we were going to stay at doesn't have any electrical hook-ups and we would have FROZEN.  This campground DID have hook-ups, so we were nice and toasty.

But the best part about it?  We were only about 5 minutes from a kid's fishing clinic.  P&B caught a fish, learned to clean it, got it cooked, and ate it right on the spot.  Pretty impressive for my little animal-lovers who have always insisted on being "gentle" to the fish. 

So, this time we made it 2 nights camping.  I'm pretty sure that is our max, and I'm not really sure that I want to try any longer than 2 nights!  Maybe someday...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Hard to Believe...

Bryton, 2 years ago
Preston, 2 years ago

And we can't forget...
 Archer, 2 years ago (it was almost SIX WEEKS LATER that he was born...I was gigantic!)

Monday, June 13, 2011


QOTD: I'm feeling like a grease monkey! -Preston

Thursday, June 9, 2011


QOTD: When I grow up and have a baby, I'm not going to order a baby like that one! - Preston, watching me clean up a spill from Archer.

Monday, June 6, 2011


"These pennies are VERY expensive!" -Preston

Sunday, June 5, 2011


We took our first camping trip of 2011 this weekend.  It was kind of spur-of-the-moment, and we almost didn't go since John had to work Friday.  Since we weren't feeling super motivated, we headed to Silverwood's RV Park (which we had never camped at before, despite frequenting the park itself).  We got there Saturday morning before Silverwood opened, got all set up, ate a quick snack, and headed to the park.  It was BEAUTIFUL.  Perfect weather, sunshine, mostly-well-behaved children.  Preston got to ride on the Tremors roller-coaster for the first time, which he was proud of, but I don't think it's very likely that he will go on it again anytime soon. We headed back to the campground for naps (which all 3 boys took!) and then went back to the park.

Slightly more chaotic, with slightly-less-well-behaved children, but still fun.  The water park was too cold for the boys (go figure!) so we didn't last long there, which actually ended up being okay since it freed up time for both the magic show & the train ride.

The night was L-O-N-G.  I really have GOT to figure out how to sleep while camping (well, at home too I guess!) since I only got about an hour of sleep, and the boys were up at about 5:30 (but we made them stay in bed until a little after 6). Overall, we had fun and we couldn't have asked for better weather...but I'm glad we only went for one night!

Preston & Daddy relaxing at camp
Arch giving hugs

Proof that I got to relax a little...picture courtesy of Preston!

The boys in the stroller at the water park
P&B got miner's hats at Silverwood.  They call them "work-man hats", "fireman hats", and "dump-man hats."
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Saturday, June 4, 2011


P: I'm naming my baby Cooper, what are you naming your baby?
B: I'm naming my baby Sleeping Bag!
*The boys randomly talk about "naming their babies" and "when they grow up and become a Daddy" so that's what the baby-naming is about.  And we were camping, so that was the inspiration for B's baby name!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Signs of Aging

Today I was playing "Simon Says" with the boys.  This is their new favorite game...usually they want me to be Simon, but today Bryton was calling the shots.  The things he came up with were so cute ("put your hair on the wall...put your toes in the air...put your head on the rug."), but then he said "Simon says do a FLIP."  I had no idea how I was supposed to pull that off, but then Preston clarified that he really meant "somersault."  Okay...time for a somersault.

I got in position...hesitated for a few seconds (but the boys egged me on of course)...somersaulted...and almost threw up.

Seriously.  I got SO NAUSEOUS.  Apparently my brain can no longer handle such traumatic activities as a somersault.  Ugh.  30 minutes later and I'm STILL feeling sick.  I'm pretty sure this is just yet another sign that I am getting O-L-D!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


"Oh someone is smoking, yuck. Smoking can make you sick so that's why I never smoke." -Preston

No Title Necessary...

It just doesn't get any cuter than this!
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