Friday, May 29, 2015

Skipping School

The weather was SO beautiful today (80 and sunny!!) that we pulled the boys out of school at noon to go kayaking on Hayden Lake. We had so much fun! I can't believe how well the boys did. They shocked me! Even Archer took a turn on one of the kid kayaks, and the whole outing was surprisingly low stress. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Taste of Summer

North Idaho weather is so can be 80 degrees one day, and then freeze the next day. It's insane, and that is exactly why I refuse to believe summer is ACTUALLY here until ohhhhh...mid-July! 

But we have been having a taste of summer that seems to be lasting lately. The boys are consistently wearing shorts. We've been biking almost daily to school. Our (big) chicks are enjoying spending time outside. The garden is (mostly) planted. 

And around this time of year, I start to enjoy N. Idaho again. It's hard to beat the beauty here, and when the weather is cooperating and we're hanging out by the lake or the river, or just in our backyard, I'm loving living here again. It's not that I HATE it the rest of the year, but it gets seriously cold and I'm obviously not a cold-weather girl!

So we'll enjoy it while it lasts, because in a few short months, the cold will be returning and my summer-love-feelings will have to last me through the winter!

Unfortunately, some (most) of our family has been sick for the past few days, but John managed to get most of the garden sprinkler system installed, and it should hopefully get the finishing touches on it tomorrow! Yay!

Archer filling in the trenches

Archer took this of me, so even though you can see up my nose, I had to include it!

John had to climb this tree to retrieve a ball that was up there. He thought it was easier than getting the ladder out. Ha!

This was from maybe 2 weeks ago, but besides being slightly more overgrown with weeds, along with bigger plants, it's about the same!

And finally, our new babies! 4 barred rocks and 4 buff orpingtons (they are now 1 week old), bringing our grand total to lucky 13. Now, we're looking forward to eggs in a couple of months...although if they stayed this cute I'd be fine without eggs!


My baby graduated from kindergarten! So crazy that he is this old already. How did this happen??? 

His class put on an adorable program with lots of songs that he has been practicing A LOT. I could tell he was so excited that the day was finally here!

Dancing in the "Penguin Polka" song

Shaking hands with the principal

Getting his diploma :)

Throwing their caps

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...but I LOVE their school. All of the teachers are amazing, and despite being a public school, it has a "small school" atmosphere. I really wasn't sure how Archer would do at the beginning of the school year. He's a young kindergartener (birthday in July), and definitely a Mama's boy, but he has done awesome, and he's excited for first grade (except that he'll have to be gone full days...he's not sure about that yet!).

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bryton's Hero

How could I not LOVE this homework assignment? Such a sweet boy. 
"My mom is my hero because she takes care of me. She almost takes me on bike rides every day. She puts bandays (band-aids) where scabs are when they peel off. She stays home when I am sick. She buys me cool ties. She gave me a desk that she had when she was a kid. She sews clows (clothes) for me." 

Mother's Day, Chickens, and Spirit Week

Kind of a jumble of things! I guess that is what happens when I go a while without posting. 

We have been so busy I can hardly remember what we've been doing! So I guess I will post the pictures and they will remind me...
Archer at the Q&U wedding at school

The chicks have moved outside full time!

Enjoying the beautiful weather with my boys!

The boys at the driving range. They were kinda in awe when their principal came up and started hitting right next to them.

Preston had a music program at school, and the boys were (of course) starving afterwards so we stopped to get some food. John ordered buffalo wings and they were HOT. The older boys attempted to eat them for "all of the money in Dad's wallet" (which ended up being $3 I think!), but only Preston succeeded.

My boys in blue. Our town sadly had a police officer shot and killed recently. It was so shocking since we live in such a "safe" community, the officer was very well known, and had a young family. The boys' school wore blue to show their support for his family, and they also did hat day, where the kids could pay $1 to wear a hat and the proceeds went to the family. 

Mother's Day with my boys!

Animal day for Spirit Week. We have slacked on spirit week this year for sure, but I managed to sew up masks for the boys the night before animal day. (Raccoon, dog, and reindeer, if you can't tell!)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


"Mom, you know why I don't like winter? Because it's cold and it snows. If it wasn't cold I would love winter! Like, if it was warm and sunny, and there was Christmas." -Archer (a child after my own heart!)