Saturday, February 28, 2015

Just another ski day

Since our lives consist of work, school, and skiing lately, the only pics we seem to take are skiing. Go figure.

We all went skiing today. P had practice, and the rest of us went to enjoy the beautiful day. I keep thinking we're bound to get hit with another bout of winter weather, but so far, so good! I can't believe how amazing the weather has been this winter. I almost don't want to admit it because #1, it might take a turn for the worse, and #2, I kinda don't want to admit that I've almost enjoyed winter this year!

Today was warm, sunny, blue skies: beautiful. We got to the mountain early, and it wasn't too crowded, despite the multitude of ski resorts nearby that are closed, or have bad conditions. The afternoon got a little crowded, but we were mostly tired out by then!

Tired boy!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Winter Stuff

Last night was the "school night" at the Spokane Chiefs, so we took the boys to their first hockey game. The seats were decent, and the game was pretty exciting. Unfortunately, we had to leave pretty early because we had to get up super early this morning for Preston's first ski race.

Preston has been on the ski team for about 2 months now, but we had decided that he would just practice this year, not race. Wellll...with the weather as crazy warm as it has been, some of the other mountains are closed, or have really reduced hours, so "our" mountain had an extra race today and Preston decided to go for it. He raced two runs and had so much fun! He said today was "the best day ever!!!"

B making first tracks in the powder super early this morning.

Preston ready to go!
Crossing the finish line!

Archer relaxing in the snow (I thought he was going to fall asleep!)

B goofing around

Celebratory root beers :)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Dr. Archer

The boys were all sick last week: fevers, body aches, all-around-yuckiness. They seemed to recover quickly, but of course it was passed on to me...and I didn't bounce back quite as quickly! Archer took it upon himself to take care of me. He even got up in the middle of the night to take my temperature! He is my little nurterer. 
Poor sick boy :(

Dr. Archer!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I love-love-LOVE that we are able to bike to school in February! And today wasn't an isolated fact, we may have even rode a day or two in January! 

Blue skies and sunshine: don't go away!

Thursday, February 12, 2015


The last time we went to Disneyland, Archer was about 1.5 years, about 4 years ago. We went with my parents, and we had a double stroller! Very different from this time: only 2 adults to run herd on the crazy kids, and no stroller!

Let me say, I had NO idea how it would go. I wasn't sure if Archer could handle all of the walking (or Bryton, for that matter); I had no idea if the boys would be able to go on the rides they wanted to go on; I wasn't sure if Archer and I would be able to find acceptable food to eat. 

And, while we came home completely exhausted, we had FUN! The boys loved it, and were able to walk most of the time - with Archer being carried every now and then, and Bryton being carried maybe once a day for a few minutes.  The boys were able to go on almost every ride they wanted to (Archer couldn't do California Screamin' because he was about an inch too short), and Preston was able to do all of the rides by himself if B & Arch needed to ride with an adult. For the most part, we packed food to take into the park, and/or ate in our hotel room, but we were able to get gluten free pizza in the park which was nice! 

The main downfall was that a few of our favorite rides were closed. Splash Mountain, Soarin' over California, and the Matterhorn were all down for refurbishment. I know that is the price you pay for going at an off-time to Disneyland, but honestly, the weekend didn't feel like an "off-time" as far as crowds were concerned. I was disappointed in the wait times when we were there Sunday, but at least we did a lot on Fri, Mon, and the few hours we went on Tues.

Archer's favorite ride: Tower of Terror. Favorite part of the trip: the plane ride.

Bryton's favorite ride: California Screamin'.
Favorite part of the trip: the rides.
That's B in there!

Preston's favorite ride: Buzz Lightyear.
Favorite part of the trip: Legoland.

Other "big hits" with the boys:
Cars Land! This was new since our last visit, and I may have loved it as much as the kids. It's so cute, and the Radiator Springs Racers ride was pretty awesome. Too bad the wait topped 60 min most of the time, and the fast passes generally ran out by mid-afternoon. But, we went on it a few times (once right as the park opened, another time or 2 with fast it broke down once when we were on it so we got to ride again!). The boys also liked the Luigi's tire ride (which I heard is closing!), and the Mater junkyard jamboree ride.
Our last night there, we stayed until the park closed at 8:00, which doesn't seem bad, but considering we had stayed until about 10:30 the night before. Poor Archer was DONE, but P & B wanted one more ride on RSR, so John took them in the single rider line for one last ride.

Toy Story Mania:

The swings (and me trying not to puke!)

Disney Jr. Show (P&B were definitely a little bored during this, and if Archer wasn't such a "Jake" fan, we probably wouldn't have gone to this one):

The Aladdin show - the boys all loved this!:

And just some other random Disney pics:

The Ferris wheel at Cali Adventures

Toon Town!

Archer loved meeting the characters...last time we went, the boys were all kind of scared/not interested in the characters.

Overall, it was a success. Next time I think we will try to stay at a Disney hotel (although the place we stayed was really close and convenient!), and we will definitely go mid-week! But, I'm thinking it will be a while until we go back since the kids unanimously agreed that cruises are better!