Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Photo Dump 2

Sitting here in the beautiful weather taking a break from decluttering (and just finished cleaning up a shattered glass of water from the patio so I need a little downtime!).

We have had an amazing year for early summer gardening. Lots of beautiful heads of broccoli and cauliflower, and more kale, chard, lettuce, peas, and berries than we can eat! Tomatoes are just getting started, and we have some beautiful peppers growing, along with green beans starting to blossom. Our plum and nectarine fruited for the first time this year, so I'm excited for them to ripen up.

We made our first trip of the summer to Glacier. John is hoping to make another...I'd love to go again but not sure we have the time. It's such an amazing place. I can hardly choose which pics to include because every single one is so beautiful (even though the pics don't begin to do it justice!). This year we camped with some friends who have property right on the edge of the park. The kids had so much fun hanging with their friends (and we did too!).
There was still snow at Logan Pass. Brrrrr.

This pic is courtesy of Archer. It's a little blurry but I love it!

We had a good amount of rain while we were there. Here we spent some time drying off at a restaurant with fries and milkshakes.

The "weeping wall" was more like the gushing wall!

One of the more memorable moments of the trip was when we were headed down from Logan Pass and it was SUPER foggy - as in we were driving about 10-15 mph some of the time because it was so hard to see. Well, some rocks fell down onto the road ahead of us and John slowed down even more because of the small rockslide...and then a softball sized rock hit our hood! Thank goodness for the Linex paint job, and we were also very thankful it didn't hit the windshield. 

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