Friday, August 27, 2010

Unfortunate Friday

(Let me preface this by saying that John normally works Monday-Thursday. When he has to work on a Friday, I tend to get a little bit...ummm...annoyed by it and I act like a spoiled brat because I really like 3 day weekends.)

So, the events of the day.
All 3 boys are sick. Archer started it off on Tuesday, and now they all have varying degrees of the sickness. Thankfully, Archer is mostly recovered, and the other 2 are shortly behind him. Either way, I haven't gotten sleep all week. And I don't have the luxury of sleeping through the panicked cries of "I can't breathe! I can't breathe! There is snot in my nose!" like the other parent does.

This morning I had to drag myself out of bed. I was irritated from the start (no surprise to anyone that lives - or has previously lived - with me...I need 8 hours of sleep and I haven't gotten 8 hours of sleep in WAY.TOO.LONG) and things kinda went downhill from there.

The boys ate breakfast and John went to work. I had coffee. I realized that it was not a wise decision to feed Archer peaches and toast with honey on it for breakfast. Nasty sticky mess. Jasper helped clean it up while I changed Archer's diaper. Hmmm...a small poop. I was sure there was more to come so I opted for a disposable diaper instead of cloth (yes, I try to time it so he has a disposable diaper on when he poops!). Put Archer down in the playroom to continue cleaning up breakfast.

And then I hear...


Of course I rush to the playroom to see what was happening, and find that Archer had in fact finished pooping...while riding on the rocking horse. Oh not good. Not good at all. Oh my goodness. Rushed Archie upstairs for a hose-down in the tub while Preston and Bryton are completely freaking out (for boys who love to play in the dirt, they are seriously poop-a-phobic). Get Archer cleaned up, cleaned the bathtub (and decided that I might as well clean the rest of the bathroom while I was at it), cleaned the changing table, and then decided that I had to tackle the horse. I took it outside to hose it down in the yard, meanwhile getting completely soaked because Jasper decided to use the hose as a chew toy and made it into a sprinkler. And it was cold today.

While I'm doing this, the boys are fighting of course, because they like to take advantage of me being covered in poop. So I'm running in and out of the house, getting soaked, and covered in poop. Argh! Got it sprayed down, scrubbed with vinegar, sprayed off again, set in the sun to dry...DONE!

Go inside, and Archer decides to take a dive off the train table onto the drawer of the table which he had pulled out to use as a ladder to climb up there in the first place. SMACK right on his head. Of course.

All of this before 8:30 am.

The rest of the day didn't go much better, but fortunately it didn't get much worse either. I was so proud because I had gotten the older boys down for a nap, did a massive amount of cleaning, and finally got Archer to sleep. I sat down to read...and...the doorbell rang. My peace and quiet shattered. 2 boys awake.

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