Friday, March 9, 2012

100 Days

It's hard to believe, but my boys have been in school 100 days. Preston's class has been counting every day, anticipating their 100 Day Party. Yesterday was finally the day.
Preston had to do a 100 Day project, which basically was just to display 100 of something (he decided to do fusible beads, which turns out are a little hard to count...).
To top off the excitement of the day, he got to stay for a full day! This was a huge deal for him. His school has an all day kindergarten option, and most of the kids stay for a full day. Every day when I pick him up, he begs to stay for a full day. I finally gave in and said he could do it for one which he replied "okay, so after I stay all day for the 100 Day Party, I get to stay all day every day right?" ummm no.
When I picked him up at school yesterday, I asked him if staying all day was as good as he thought it would be. His response: "It was so much better than I even thought!"

Project: beads. So glad Bryton & Archer were sleeping while we did this!

100 Day Glasses...he's such a goofball. (and he edited these pictures!)

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