Friday, November 1, 2013


2 Ninjas, and Jake (the Neverland pirate!).

I only made 1/3 this year and ended up buying the ninja costumes due to "time constraints" - or procrastination then panic. Whatever. It was hard to not feel disappointed during the school costume parade when my boys had generic costumes, but it's okay. Next year will be better. And Jake was still pretty cute!

We had a super fun Halloween. The boys attempted to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood, but we only had success at one house (and the other neighbor had given the boys their Halloween treats earlier in the sweet of them to think of our boys)! The one house where someone answered the door, they told us that they were hoping we'd stop by since they bought candy just for the boys. Our neighbors are very thoughtful, but sadly we don't live in a popular T-o-T neighborhood. 

But that's okay! Because we have friends who do. We headed over to a friends house for chili, hot drinks, and lots of trick-or-treating. The boys had so much fun running around with their friends. They ended up doing way more trick-or-treating than our customary 10 houses or so. I was cold and tired, but we took shifts - out with the kids or warming up by the fire. Plus we had adult time as well when the kids were gorging on candy. All in all, a great night!

B in the costume parade at school (so hard to get a good picture!)
The big ninja!
My cute little Jake
Striking a pose before heading out for candy!
The boys with their pumpkins. With John's pumpkin seed allergy, this is our version of "carving" pumpkins.
John made us some pretty awesome vampire fangs!

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