Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The North Pole

(...and temperatures to go with it!)

Last night we took the boys to the North Pole. This is something we try to do every year, but I think we have missed one year since we moved here. They get the cruise ships all decorated for Christmas, go past the Christmas light display (which included a fire breathing dragon this year - with REAL fire - the boys were enthralled!), and the Grinch runs alongside the boat trying to stop it. 

We journeyed out to the North Pole where Santa & his elf read "the list" with all the names of the kids on board. My cynical children, however, proceeded to announce that their Mom or Dad must have told the elves their names. I guess we need to talk about keeping their lack of Santa belief to themselves again!

But they enjoyed it, and we enjoyed it too. One thing I am NOT enjoying is the frigid weather. We have lows coming up in the negatives, and highs in the single digits. Right now it is hovering around 12, and it's supposed to get colder, and colder, and colder...

We also had Santa come by our house the other night! First a fire truck with lights & siren alerted us to go outside, then Santa in his sleigh came by while the elves handed out candy canes.

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