Tuesday, November 4, 2014


We had a very eventful Halloween this year...starting with a kid puking non-stop starting early Halloween morning. He was able to get in on the pumpkin "carving" fun the night before at least!

Poor B had to miss the Halloween party & costume parade at school, and trick-or-treating. He was devastated. He watched the other boys get ready in the morning, and I could tell he was so sad, but he didn't even feel good enough to complain. 

Thankfully he was fully recovered by Sunday (and no one else got it!!), when we had a Cub Scout Halloween party, so he at least got to wear his costume once!
And I even had to dress up for that one:
John went as Danny Zuko, but somehow he managed to evade the camera...

John and I got to have a little bit of fun this weekend too! You know...besides changing sheets and washing everything in the entire house. We got to go watch the George Fox vs. Whitworth football game. This is Fox's first year with a football team, and we had fun watching, despite the rain. And despite the fact that they lost! 

After that, we headed to our friend's surprise birthday party - we stayed a nice long time and ate our full of sushi thanks to the boys spending the night with Grandma. A pretty good weekend! But so packed that of course I felt more tired after the weekend than going into it...

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