Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend of Skiing

The boys were off school Friday, so we decided to do a family ski day. I'm not a good skiier, so I usually avoid it, but I did quite a few runs on Friday. The boys are SO much better than me though, so they end up waiting for a while at the bottom. Oh well...they had Saturday to go crazy and ski all they wanted! 

Friday was perfect conditions. It was quiet. The snow was good. It wasn't too cold. I actually had fun (mostly). So I thought I'd try it again on Saturday...yeah. Not so great. It was well above freezing, and the snow was super sticky. I made it down one run (the easiest!) and called it a day. I camped out in the lodge until P's ski practice was done.

I ended up riding solo on the lift most of the time. The older boys want to ride together of course, and I'm not capable enough to help Archer get off the lift!
I took this pic accidentally as I was putting my phone in my pocket, but I love it. John is seriously always happy when he's skiing!

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