Monday, February 15, 2016

Holiday Festivities

Well. It's mid-February and I still have pics on my phone from mid-December that I need to get on the blog. How exactly did I get this far behind?? 

Christmas. I realized that I didn't take a single picture on Christmas Day! We were too busy enjoying our family time! But, we had an office Christmas party in mid-December, and the younger boys had a Christmas program at school. 
Office party!

My handsome boys had such a cute program. Their music teacher does a good job of picking fun songs that aren't babyish for them. They always sing catchy songs that the kids love!

We made cookies...

Snowmen and snow forts...

Played with trains...

The boys met Santa for the first time in a loooong time

Oh wait! I found the one pic I took on Christmas Day!

And the snow. So much snow. Thankfully it is gone now and there isn't any more in the forecast at this point. 

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