Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Almost Spring

We spent this past weekend camping at the ski mountain for the boys' ski race finals. 1 day of fun skiing in beautiful sunny weather + 2 days of racing in beautiful sunny weather = the boys are not ready for the season to end! They were starting to get a little burned out on skiing, but now they just aren't quite ready for it to be done. We have one more day...kind of a wrap up, fun day, and that's that. 

But don't worry. They won't be bored. Soccer practice started for Preston today, and the other 2 will start after Spring break. 

But back to finals. The boys did awesome. They had tons of fun and raced hard. Archer win a trophy for slalom which he was super excited about. The other 2 were crazy competitive with each other. Bryton beat Preston by a tiny bit in slalom the first day, which made Preston mad of course...but he came out the 2nd day determined to beat B in giant slalom and beat him he did! 

So proud of these boys of mine. Skiing wouldn't be my choice for them for competitive sports, but I love that they all love it and can do it together. I am also starting to appreciate the "togetherness" of the ski team families. It's a much different atmosphere than your standard team sports, and everyone helps each other out and pitches in for pretty much anything and everything. (Maybe because we spend so much time together!)

I have tons of clean-up to do from camping, plus lots of laundry and wet ski gear to deal with, but it was worth it to see my boys all so crazy excited about this weekend, and the big smiles each time they crossed the finish line. I need to remember that for next year when I am feeling DONE with skiing!




The trophy winner! 

My little goofballs!

And my view right now: soccer practice!

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