Friday, June 3, 2011

Signs of Aging

Today I was playing "Simon Says" with the boys.  This is their new favorite game...usually they want me to be Simon, but today Bryton was calling the shots.  The things he came up with were so cute ("put your hair on the wall...put your toes in the air...put your head on the rug."), but then he said "Simon says do a FLIP."  I had no idea how I was supposed to pull that off, but then Preston clarified that he really meant "somersault."  Okay...time for a somersault.

I got in position...hesitated for a few seconds (but the boys egged me on of course)...somersaulted...and almost threw up.

Seriously.  I got SO NAUSEOUS.  Apparently my brain can no longer handle such traumatic activities as a somersault.  Ugh.  30 minutes later and I'm STILL feeling sick.  I'm pretty sure this is just yet another sign that I am getting O-L-D!

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