Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Evening at the Park

This is one of the new kiddie rides at Silverwood...I went on it last time and got a little nauseous, but the boys seemed to love it.  However, notice the look on B's face this time...
Yeah, I think he's pretty relieved that the ride was over!
So B & Arch went on the "ferris wheel" together while Preston went on a few rides with John.  This was Archie's first time on a ride without a parent along!  I was concerned (he's kind of an escape artist) but he was so excited to be on the ride he didn't even ATTEMPT to get the seat belt off!
Then of course P wanted to go on the ride, so B got to go again.
Standing in line for the "roller coaster."
B, front row.  In his words: driving the train.
All in all, a fun night.  Hoping for a little warmer weather next time though...the boys were a little chilly after the water park!  (Although not so chilly that they couldn't enjoy their ice cream...)

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