Friday, September 16, 2011

Archie's First Urgent Care Trip

Is that worthy of a blog post?  Such a monumental milestone.

I was making lunch and John was upstairs when we noticed that Archer was missing.  He thinks it's really funny to hide from us, but we were calling him and still no Archie.  John finally found him on top of my sewing table, with a pin in his mouth.  (Side note: usually we have this door shut with a child lock on it so he can't get in, but apparently it was either left open or he figured out how to open the child lock.  He must have thought he hit the jackpot.)  Archer claimed he had swallowed another pin and it was in his tummy.  We were both pretty skeptical of this, but he was CHEWING on the other pin so you never know...and it's not really something we wanted to take a chance on, obviously. 

Anyway, thankfully the urgent care trip was uneventful & the x-ray was all clear.  And Archer got to experience the excitement of a glove balloon.

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