Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, B!

We were camping on B's actual birthday, but we still got a little celebration in.  And since we were camping with our church this weekend, the bouncy houses/face painting/crafts/movie night made for a pretty exciting birthday.

Still can't believe he's 4.  FOUR!  Here is last year's birthday post where I couldn't believe he was 3.  Apparently I am continually shocked that my children keep having birthdays while I don't age at all!

So, here are a few of the 4-year-old's favorite things:
  • Worms.  Bugs.  Any kind of insect or animal that can be found outside.
  • Drawing/painting/play-doh.  The kind of stuff that I don't like to let them do at home (because I really don't like to clean it up!) but he gets to do plenty of it in preschool.
  • Helping.  B is a big-time helper.  He wants to help with ANY task that there is to be done, and he sticks with it until it is finished.
  • The color blue.
  • Riding his balance bike.
  • Camping and fishing.
  • Reading.
  • And, his most favorite thing of all since he got it at his early birthday celebration: his guitar.
Birthday pictures to come!

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