Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

We just agreed to move up the closing date on our house to NEXT MONDAY, as in ONE WEEK from now. Seriously. So obviously the bulk of my Mother's Day was spent packing, but here are a few other highlights.

I woke up to little footsteps sneaking downstairs and opening the closet where my present was hidden. Then I heard those footsteps sneak back upstairs and return to bed without disturbing anyone! Definitely a miracle in this house. After everyone was awake, the boys bounced into our room smothering me with hugs and shouting "Happy Mother's Day!" over and over. Of course I had to open my presents immediately (pictures below of the homemade presents), and then Preston asked me what I wanted for breakfast. I said "how about pancakes?" knowing that John and the boys do pretty well with making which Preston replied that he had something better then pancakes for me. He rushed downstairs and was rustling around down there for a few minutes, then he came up and informed me that my breakfast was ready.

At this point I started to get a little nervous. But I went downstairs to my Mother's Day breakfast of...cereal with chocolate syrup on top. I have the sweetest boys in the world. Luckily they wanted me to divide it up between us. :) And they ended up having seconds while John cooked me an egg!

The outside of my card from B!

The inside: a rainbow, teddy bear sticker, and a new house! Love that boy!

Dear Mom Preston (he said that's how I know who it's from, obviously!)

The wrapping paper (that is Preston jumping in case you couldn't tell)

And the gifts. So sweet. B's is on the right, and they used their fingerprints to make the bugs. Preston painted rainbow stripes on his.

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  1. Great presents. Not sure about the breakfast though !.