Thursday, August 30, 2012

And we're back!

We (finally) got our house exactly 2 weeks ago. 4 months after our offer was accepted. Not bad as far as short sales go, but it definitely felt long! Last Saturday we had the carpet installed upstairs so we were able to move out of the trailer! John and I were both pretty excited, but Archer and Bryton both wanted to sleep in the trailer. They are both having some sleep issues but hopefully they will adjust quickly.

Sometimes it feels like we aren't making any progress on the house, but then I think back on everything we've done and realize that things are moving along. My parents were here for a week which helped us get a lot done. So far, we have:
Replaced the 2 exterior doors leading to the deck;
Taken out the wall/closet under the stairs to open up the entryway;
Done a TON of cleaning (it seriously looked like the house hadn't been cleaned in years!);
Refinished the kitchen cabinets;
Refinished a bathroom vanity;
Took a million loads to the dump & gave away a ton of stuff, thanks to all the "treasures" that were left here (still have more of this to do unfortunately);
Ripped out all the downstairs carpet and we currently have about half of the hardwoods installed;
Paint. Paint. And more paint;
Got new carpet upstairs & new flooring in the boys' bathroom upstairs;
Took out countless pieces of contact paper (yuck!) and unfortunately had to put some new back in thanks to the residue that was left;
And I'm sure there is more! We have tons to do still, but first up is finish the hardwood flooring downstairs which will hopefully be done this weekend.

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  1. it's looking awesome Missy! Loving your updates :) Your hard work is definitely paying off.