Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, B!

5 years ago today, Bryton was born in the early morning hours of Labor Day. Quick (as in only about 3 hours of actual labor & no real pushing), "easy" labor (and by easy I mean easier than 9 lbs 14 oz or shoulder dystocia, but of course not EASY as far as everyday life goes!).

B's favorite things at the moment are soccer, motorcycles, Legos, & music. He also loves to ride his bike & scooter. He is sweet and silly, and he loves to tease. He's currently cuddled up next to me in bed waiting for his brothers to wake up so he can open his presents, and he has requested pancakes with raisins in them for breakfast.

We love this boy! (and he refused to let me take a picture of him this morning!)

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