Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Last week, John had a conference in AZ, so I pulled Preston out of school a couple of days early and took a road trip to Oregon. It's a little nerve-racking for me to make the drive solo, but the boys did amazing and I really hope they do as well when we go back tomorrow as they did on the way here!

One thing I have realized after a couple of long trips in our tiny subaru is that we need a bigger car. It's so frustrating to have the kids sitting practically on top of each other, especially for 8 hours in a row! So hopefully soon we will be able to replace one of our vehicles with something that has third row seating, but we'll see!

The boys got to see all of their cousins, and they also got to spend plenty of time helping Poppa on the farm. The weather was so nice and warm, but it's time to go home and get summer started!

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