Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pinewood Derby

A lot has been going on here. A LOT. But I can't really post much about it just let's just say John has officially resigned from his job, effective the beginning of May. Big changes are going on in our household! 

In the midst of the changes, life carries on. We are going on vacation SOON! My brother & his family are coming to visit even sooner! The boys have their last swimming lesson (for now) on Saturday. They will be starting parkour in a few weeks after a very successful trial class. 
The boys at parkour

And then the ever-present cub scouts. The #1 favorite activity for the big kid. Kid #2 is ecstatic to start next year. Last night was pinewood derby. Preston designed and did most of his car by himself. John helped with the logistics, but I was so proud of Preston for how hard he worked on it. He made it to the finals for his pack! I think he ended up somewhere around 6-7th place or so? Either way, he was pumped to make it to the finals! He's a pretty competitive kid so I was hoping he would understand that he did WELL to make it so far, and I was glad that he was excited about it. He also earned his wolf badge last night, so he'll be moving up to bears next year. Good job, Preston! 

And he's already begun planning out his car for next year!
(His car is in the lane closest to him)

There it goes! 

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