Wednesday, March 11, 2015

First Camping Trip of 2015

This weekend was our first camping trip! I am amazed that #1 it is the beginningg of March and we're CAMPING, #2 I didn't freeze, and #3 it was at the ski mountain (and I still didn't freeze)! 

It was another warm, sunny weekend for skiing. There are definitely some bare spots starting to show, but they were still able to have a race this weekend. We headed up to the mountain early Saturday morning for Preston to practice, and then today was race day.

I was so proud of him...his first run was 20 seconds faster than his best run last race! He almost wiped out (it was slushy!), but he recovered and went on like nothing had happened (meanwhile I was watching with my heart in my throat!).

There are technically a few weeks left in the season still, but I'm not sure the snow is going to last that long. Everything was such a muddy mess! Ender was so excited that she got to come along, but between her and the kids, the trailer needs a complete wipe down. I guess I know what I'll be doing this week! 

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