Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Flock

After many years of deliberating, we finally have chickens! It has taken us a while to commit, but we finally jumped in head first. We ordered some chicks online (split an order with a friend), but they aren't due to arrive until mid-May...and we just happened to be down in OR when one of the stores was giving away 5 free chicks when you bought the chick starter we now have the first five chicks of our little (well, not-so-little in May!) flock! 

Even though I grew up on a farm with chickens, I don't really remember what to do, and the responsibility of taking care of them definitely didn't fall to me! Thankfully Preston has been researching like crazy, but next up will be to build a coop and train Ender not to attack them. So far, she is just curious and doesn't seem aggressive towards them, but obviously we aren't about to leave her unsupervised near them! Hopefully she will become a chicken protector, not eater. 

Welcome to the family: Goldie, Fluffy, Cubby, Ginger, and Pepper!

Curious pup! Chicks are friends, not food!

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