Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mushroom Hunting

With this beautiful weather, we've been able to spend TONS of time outside. Our weather is so crazy...snow one day, 65 degrees the next. But this weekend was ALL sunshine and warm! No snow in sight, thank goodness. We are working A LOT on our chicken coop, and we've made lots of progress. We also got to have our first real backyard campfire this year! Yay!

John took 2 of the boys mushroom hunting today while Bryton and I spent the afternoon together around town. The mushroom hunt was VERY successful...we had enough for dinner tonight, plus another night in the fridge, and we have a couple of dehydrator trays full! 

To add to the success, all 3 boys (who are self-proclaimed mushroom haters!) ATE and LIKED the morels! All 3 of them ate one to taste them, and then voluntarily ate a few more. Amazing. (But I have to say, they are SO yummy I can't blame them!)

Bryton and I had fun going out to lunch, going to the bookstore, and shopping for a kayak (research phase only...but B is REALLY hoping for one!).

We ended the day with homemade huckleberry ice cream, thanks to our huckleberry stash in the freezer!

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