Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Break

I can't believe Spring break is already almost over! We started with a pre-break visit from the cousins, and then took a quick trip to OR. It was just a quick weekend trip, so it seemed incredibly short, and it seemed like we spent as much time in the car as we did down there. But that's life, for now anyway!

We have spent the rest of the week keeping busy with friends, trying out Taekwondo (all 3 boys took their first class and loved it!), celebrating John's birthday (34!), bike riding, rock climbing, playing at the park, and the list goes on. No wonder it seems like it's been going so quickly!
The boys had lots of fun catching frogs on the farm. This is Kermit.

Not the greatest picture, but here is Preston at his first Taekwondo class.

Teaching their friends Taekwondo at the park

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