Friday, July 24, 2015


My baby turned 6 today. 

We have been crazy busy with family visiting, but I can't resist a quick post about this! 

Archer, at 6:
Still loves police stuff - pretends to be a police officer often and loves driving his police car.

Is basically fearless when it comes to physical stuff. Bike jumps, riding dirt bikes, flipping on the trampoline, jumping off the diving board, etc. we went to Silverwood today and he went on every ride he was tall enough for. And loved them all!

LOVES his puppy, of course. 

LOVES his mommy, of course. :) He is still a major mommy's boy and will cuddle any chance he gets. He is very generous with hugs and kisses (to me anyway!).

Loves to swim.

Is such a kind-hearted boy - he is very sensitive to how other people feel and is very empathetic. 

Still our little spitfire for sure! This kid keeps us hoppin'! There is never a dull moment with Archer around!

Happy birthday Archer! (More pics to come of his bday celebration.)

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