Monday, July 27, 2015

The Cousins Visit

Last week both of my brothers and their families visited. It was basically a week of pure chaos, but it's like that most of the time at our house anyway! They only overlapped by 1 night so we didn't get to spend a ton of time together, but we got to enjoy that one night - the kids played outside, swam, and we celebrated Archer's birthday. 

It's so nice for the kids to have cousins within a (somewhat) reasonable driving distance. It's not a FUN drive, but it can be done in one day at least! 

We went to Silverwood, toured a gold mine, panned for gold, kayaked, and went on a bike ride. We packed a lot of fun into the week! And the kids managed to spend plenty of time in the pool of course. It's so fun to see them reconnect with each other. They usually only get to see each other a few times a year, and rarely are they ALL together at the same time, so this was a big deal!

Now, if they would just all move to North Idaho...!

I got to double up in a kayak with my big kid since we didn't have enough for everyone

Archer's birthday celebration

Panning for gold

Inside the gold mine

Another kayak trip

Archer fishing from the paddleboard

Proof that I'm not ALWAYS too lazy for the paddleboard

6 of us on the corkscrew

And all 8 of us on Tremors!

They didn't let Archer go on the bumper cars. I was so irritated. The sign outside the ride said 48" okay to ride...which he is...but her measuring stick inside was 52". Seriously?! Way to disappoint a kid!

My brother & niece got to try out the Yuba! She LOVED it!

Archer & Anni relaxing in the hammock after a long day

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