Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Wow, I just can't keep up! This summer has been so crazy busy, and there is still more craziness coming up! 

The boys did a technology camp a couple of weeks ago, which they loved! B & A got to build/program lego robots, and P got to build/program a computer. They all 3 loved it, and are already asking to do it again next summer. It was a bit of a drive, but considering how much they loved was probably worth it! It was only a half day camp though, so I had to figure out how to waste a couple of hours each morning in the tiny town that it was in since I didn't really have time to drive home. Hopefully next year they will have some full day options!

In other news, our chickens started laying eggs a few weeks ago! It was a super exciting discovery for the boys, especially since we thought it would be another month or so. AND the first egg was a huge, double-yolk! 

We also did a garage sale - finally. We had been promising the boys we would do one this summer and we just hadnt gotten around to it. Well, the boys were sick of being put off, and decided we needed to do it right away, along with a lemonade stand. I have to say, it feels pretty good to get rid of our junk! Plus the boys made quite a bit with their lemonade stand, and they had tons of fun!
Archer in the tree above the lemonade stand :)

We also fit in another Silverwood trip, and B finally decided to go on the panic plunge - it took him a bit to get up the guts to do it, but he said he liked it!

And, a bike ride on the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes in a section we hadn't ridden before along the CDA River:

Plus, even time for some birthday parties, marble-chute-building, the beach, and lots of swimming. No wonder I'm exhausted and my house is a disaster!
(The boys like to build and then take pics on my phone...I end up with a lot of pictures like this!)

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