Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Epic Storm

Wow. We just had a massive windstorm hit our area last week. Trees uprooted, power lines knocked down, lots of damage...and lots of people still without power 4 days later. I guess we were fortunate to have our power back after just over 48 hours! 

We had an exciting 48 hrs without electricity. The storm was nuts. I have never experienced winds that strong. 70+ mph. When I went to pick the boys up from school, the light posts in the parking lot were swaying and I heard/watched a tree across the road snap and fall. It gets dark so early, so it was pretty difficult to see what was happening until morning, but our power went out right away so I started scrounging around for flashlights and candles. It turns out we really weren't prepared for an extended power outage (we are now at least more prepared!). 

In the morning, we looked out to mass destruction. Trees on people's roofs, power lines on the ground & across the roads, debris everywhere...but in our yard? Nothing! It was amazing. I cannot believe that we didn't have a single bit of damage from the storm (at least nothing we have noticed yet!). So, while we were cold and inconvenienced, we were SO FORTUNATE considering the craziness we saw. 

And really...we had fun! We did homework by candlelight (for 3 nights in a row), played cards, played hide & seek, slept all in the same room with our little heater, and the boys had an extra day off school. We had lots of friends offer to help us and offered to take us in until the power was back on, but we ended up staying home and switching our generator back and forth between the freezers and the refrigerator! We had power cords everywhere! Needless to say, I was ready for the power to come back on, but John had literally JUST gotten home with a bigger generator and heater that he had borrowed. He was not so happy about the timing! We were actually prepared to be without electricity for another 3-5 days from what the power company said, and unfortunately we have friends still without power...hopefully all the repairs will be done soon! We are supposed to be down in the mid-teens tonight...people need their heat!!!

Ender loved the heater!


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