Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Double Digits!

Preston turned 10 on January 1st! I can't believe it's been 10 years since I gave birth to this boy.

He's such an amazing kid. He's sweet, a friend to everyone, loves school, reading, skiing, soccer, video games...pretty much everything! Even though he's getting older, he still loves to have some cuddle time with his mom occasionally. I will be so sad when he doesn't want to hang out with me anymore! Sometimes he will disappear into his bedroom and we find him in there engrossed in a book. He loves our chickens, and is definitely the chief caretaker of them. He usually does it without complaint! He can tell them apart and knows their names. I have no clue which one is which! 
Homemade birthday donut (on his actual birthday)

Archer made Preston a cake in his easy bake oven!

The day after his actual birthday (the day before his party), the boys had their first ski race of the season. It was technically a practice race since it was just with their team, but the boys took it pretty seriously and had a great time! 



We celebrated his birthday by having some of his friends over for "decorate your own donuts" and then John took the boys to see Star Wars. 

Oh man. As I'm looking through pics on my phone I'm realizing that I might be *slightly* behind on blogging. Between Christmas and New Years is such a crazy time for us. Besides the actual holidays, John and I celebrated 14 years of marriage, the boys had 4 days of ski camp (we skipped one day though!), and then Preston's birthday of course. More on those another day!

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