Monday, November 1, 2010


As you can see, we took the boys ice-skating on Halloween (well, Preston skated while the other 2 watched). Bryton kept insisting that he wasn't tired - and then he promptly fell asleep while playing his Leapster on the way home. We recently purchased a 2nd Leapster in anticipation of an upcoming road trip that will require A LOT of time in the car. As in 30+ hrs in the car. Oh my goodness. We are complete gluttons for punishment, but we will be armed with electronics. There are plenty of times when I think we should be reducing our children's interaction with electronics that don't exactly stimulate their imaginations. 30 hr road trips = NOT one of those times. :) But back to the subject at hand...

Who can sleep like that?!

So after a quick power-nap by B and Arch, we headed to Applebee's. 99 cent kids meals, half price appetizers, build-your-own-candy-spider activity, and enough noise that our kids wouldn't attract too much attention. Really, how could we resist?

And then, off for some trick-or-treating!
Our little Buzz and Woody, headed out for some excitement!

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