Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fishin' in PJ's

Arch & B checking out a worm (which was actually some sort of odd grub looking thing, but whatever.)
B couldn't resist holding it
My view of the campsite...John playing guitar while the older 2 snacked & threw things in the fire.  Arch was supposed to be napping (unsuccessful).
Really, he's just so stinkin' cute.
Bike ride through the campground. 
Digging for worms
Campfire corn: YUM.
B waiting his turn to fish, in his PJ's.
And Preston fishing in PJ's.  No luck with the fish though, only a couple of bites.
Archer, on my back, watching his brother's fish & trying to grab the camera.

One of our favorite things about N. Idaho is the close proximity of camping.  This little campground is only about 40 min from our house (and that includes going slowly on mountainous dirt roads), but it is seriously in the middle of nowhere.  This was our first time at this campground, but the boys said it was their favorite camping spot.  I am partial to our previous "favorite spot" personally, but it was definitely nice and SO quiet.

Our first day there we went fishing as soon as we set up camp and started a fire (the mosquitoes were TERRIBLE but we hardly got any bites!).  The boys weren't really having any luck with the fish, so Preston, Archer, & I went to scout out a new fishing spot while B & John kept fishing a little longer.  About 2 minutes later I hear John YELLING and doing these frantic arm motions at me so we turned back.  I realized what he was yelling at me and turned around to see a mama moose and her baby walk up the hill right in front of us.  John & B saw them cross the river and went running to warn us to get out of the way!  I was glad that we had been moving pretty slowly & making a lot of noise otherwise they would've been literally right on us.  Yikes.  Scary, but pretty amazing to see them so close (and they didn't seem bothered by us in the least thankfully).

Otherwise our camping trip was pretty uneventful and definitely fun.  We came home in time to catch moto-X at the fairgrounds and the boys completely crashed out when we got home.  That is definitely a rarity at our house!

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