Sunday, July 17, 2011

No blogging = Summer is here!

I know.  I haven't really done much blogging lately.  I'm pathetic.  But I've been enjoying the beautiful weather while we have it!  We only have nice weather for a few months out of the year, but when it's nice, it's N-I-C-E!  Today it was in the 90's and sunny and I LOVE it.  Our cherry tomatoes are finally starting to turn orange so it won't be too long until we are enjoying something other than GREENS from our garden.

So in lieu of me actually having to do a real post, here is what we have been up to in pictures...
Bug catching
Relaxing (rare, unfortunately)
Using the toilet (only eventful for the almost-2-year-old who wants to go all.the.time but is seriously unreliable).
Picking cherries from our little tree!
We got about twice this many cherries, plus had a bunch that we lost to the birds.  Not bad for such a little tree!
This weekend the boys went to a Princess birthday party and I came downstairs this morning to B wearing his crown while eating pancakes.
Otherwise, we've been bike riding (we rode downtown yesterday...probably about 14 miles round-trip, and then rode to church this morning).  I've been attempting to workout on a regular basis and I think I'm starting to see some results but I won't get too overly-confident just yet.  Our garden is starting to look decent, but I'm so afraid that by the time it catches up, the cold weather will be starting again.  We've also been spending time with John's family while his brother and sister-in-law are up visiting from Brazil.  The boys have been loving spending time with their Uncle Allen & Aunt Karla (and their baby cousin who is still in utero!).  I also ruined practically my entire wardrobe by washing a dishtowel that I used to clean up a big coconut oil spill with a bunch of my clothes.  Disaster!

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