Friday, September 3, 2010

Little B is 3

September 3, 2007

3 is so grown up. 2 still seems like a "toddler" - 3, not so much. He seems so grown up too. I can't remember Preston being this "adult" at such a young age. Maybe it just comes from having an older brother, but Bryton just seems so BIG (not in size - he's pretty tiny for his age - but in attitude!).

3 years ago we were living in Montana. We had just finished a gigantic house remodel (involving replacing almost ALL the floors in the house with hardwoods, and us staying in a tent trailer in our yard in 110 degree weather while I was hugely pregnant!) and John had recently started his first job out of dental school.

There was one midwife in the town we lived in, and she didn't have a "back-up" midwife (because there wasn't another midwife within 90 miles!), so by default I went to her for my prenatal care and was intending to give birth at her birth center. She was going to be out of the country until 2 days before my due date, but since Preston was born 15 days past his due date, I didn't anticipate an early arrival.

But Little B surprised us mom arrived on the train and if I remember correctly, I went into labor the next day. It all started with a full day of minor contractions...regular, close together, but only slightly uncomfortable. I decided to head into the hospital after Preston went to bed since my contractions were only a couple minutes apart - although still not painful so looking back, I wouldn't have bothered. I went...saw a nurse who monitored a few contractions, announced that they were regular (really? amazing.), but as I wasn't really dilated at all, I could head home if I wanted to...or, her words: "As long as you don't live in the Yaak or out on the middle of nowhere, you should just go home." We lived all of 3 minutes from the hospital so we headed home, only to have my contractions turn slightly more uncomfortable on our way home. My water broke at around 1:00 am, with regular/painful contractions starting so we headed back to the hospital at about 2:00 am.

Got in the tub. The whole time I'm thinking "we have plenty of time, hard labor takes MUCH longer than a couple of hours." Got out of the tub at John's suggestion because he was convinced that Bryton was going to make his appearance VERY quickly...and Bryton was born about 5 minutes later (4:36 am). The Dr. didn't make it in time and John got to deliver him since the nurses had left the room to make sure the Dr. was on her way. (The nurse spent the 5 minutes after I got out of the tub alternating between screeching "DON'T PUSH DON'T PUSH!" and rushing out to call the Dr. again.) Pretty sure the Dr. walked in as John was catching Bryton. Perfect timing! (for her anyway, we still had to pay her for the birth! Ridiculous!)

So my little 7 lbs 10 oz, 19" tiny baby boy was born. More than 2 lbs smaller than his big brother was at birth, and over a lb smaller than his younger brother.

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So, what is B up to these days? Climbing/running/jumping/racing/screeching/splashing/biking...the list goes on. This kid is ACTIVE. It tires me out just to watch him. He has tons of never-ending energy. He wants to learn to skate so he can play roller-hockey. He hates to sleep. He goes to bed as late as possible, and wakes up as early as possible. But he loves to cuddle. He likes me to rock him and sing "Rock-a-bye Baby." It's the cutest thing ever when he says "I love you!" I think he tries to wake up earlier than his brothers in the morning so he can come in to our bed for a quick cuddle. He will spend hours reading books and he asked for books for his birthday. He has a MAJOR temper. And after his temper tantrum, he will pause and say "Okay, I'll be good now, Mom."

Happy Birthday Little B!


  1. wow!! Fast birth!!! Hope mine is like that! ;) That's a sweet story; thanks for sharing Missy!

  2. Unfortunately my other 2 weren't that quick or easy, but it was pretty much perfect (except that I really didn't want to give birth in a hospital). I hope your birth is like that too!