Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Stevens Lake Hike: Fail.

This past weekend we attempted a family hike and totally failed. It was recommended to us (by someone who doesn't have kids...) as a flat, easy trail. The reality was that the first half was ALL uphill. As in 1500+ feet of elevation change. A really bad choice for 3 young kids who were tired from their cousins visiting, and parents who were tired and lacking patience. 

After Preston almost ate a poisonous berry that he thought was a huckleberry, we turned around. It was not going to happen. The boys were disappointed because they were hoping for a swim in the lake that was the ultimate destination, but they settled for playing in the tiny creek that crossed the trail. 

Maybe we'll attempt it again, but given the amount of exhausted people we saw on the trail, I'd say we need a few years!

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