Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day, Chickens, and Spirit Week

Kind of a jumble of things! I guess that is what happens when I go a while without posting. 

We have been so busy I can hardly remember what we've been doing! So I guess I will post the pictures and they will remind me...
Archer at the Q&U wedding at school

The chicks have moved outside full time!

Enjoying the beautiful weather with my boys!

The boys at the driving range. They were kinda in awe when their principal came up and started hitting right next to them.

Preston had a music program at school, and the boys were (of course) starving afterwards so we stopped to get some food. John ordered buffalo wings and they were HOT. The older boys attempted to eat them for "all of the money in Dad's wallet" (which ended up being $3 I think!), but only Preston succeeded.

My boys in blue. Our town sadly had a police officer shot and killed recently. It was so shocking since we live in such a "safe" community, the officer was very well known, and had a young family. The boys' school wore blue to show their support for his family, and they also did hat day, where the kids could pay $1 to wear a hat and the proceeds went to the family. 

Mother's Day with my boys!

Animal day for Spirit Week. We have slacked on spirit week this year for sure, but I managed to sew up masks for the boys the night before animal day. (Raccoon, dog, and reindeer, if you can't tell!)

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