Thursday, September 10, 2015

B Turns 8!

Well, it's been a week...but I'm just now getting around to posting about Bryton's birthday. Better late than never. We are in the midst of the first week of school, plus all 3 boys are in soccer. It's craziness. 

But we took time out to celebrate B! It was so nice that his birthday was before school started this year, although he did have soccer practice. He wanted exactly 3 things for his birthday: heely's shoes, a skateboard, and a bow. He got the shoes from Poppa & Momma, and we were able to get the other items on the wish list. He was so excited! He has spent as much time as possible practicing both archery & skateboarding. I love this kid and his dedication. He is seriously determined!
Birthday breakfast!

Texas Roadhouse birthday dinner

At 8:
He LOVES everything active (his birthday wish list was definitely NOT a surprise to us!)
He does not give up easily! He practices until he gets something right. When we were going to watch Preston's soccer practice, I asked if he wanted to take something along to do. He said "no, I'll just sit and watch and maybe I can learn something!"
He loves school, but most importantly, his friends. He has had the same 2-3 best buds since kindergarten.
He is a nature lover through and through. Anything outdoors, animal, or bug-related and this kid is ON IT! He is also my designated spider/bug catcher.
He still loves the occasional cuddle, but he is definitely requesting them less and less. My baby is growing up!

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