Saturday, September 26, 2015

Birthday Celebration Weekend

Well...a little late (for B), and A LOT late (for Arch)...but we finally did birthday celebrations this weekend! I gave the boys the choice of either inviting 2 friends and going to Triple Play or doing a backyard birthday party with whoever they wanted to invite. True to form, they chose different things - probably just to complicate things for their mom!

So we started off with a Triple Play bowling celebration for Bryton with 2 of his buddies. It was such a fun, simple party! After bowling, we did pizza and cupcakes. Honestly I was really hoping Archer would want to do Triple Play too, but no such luck.
8! Still can't believe it. 

After soccer games today, we did Archer's pirate party in the backyard. Even though it was a lot more work, it was a lot of fun too. We did a treasure hunt where the kids had to do certain tasks first (walk the plank, pirate ship races, ring around the sword, piƱata...) and then the treasure was hidden at the end. 
6 candles for this kid! 

I am SO GLAD that we have a few months until our next birthday! Doing both parties in one weekend, along with soccer, ski team sign-ups (eek! Already?!?!), and cub scouts...well, it's a bit much! But it was fun to celebrate these 2 crazy boys!

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