Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gray's Anatomy

Not the show (I think that's GrEy's Anatomy?), but the book.

Last night we went to Costco. Before we left, I made sure the downstairs bathroom door was closed and the dog was fed. If we leave the bathroom door open, she generally gets into the garbage and drags it all over the house (she isn't allowed upstairs so I don't have to worry about those bathrooms). Anyway, I generally make sure that the gate to the playroom is shut so she can't get in there and wreak havoc but apparently last night I forgot. Oops.

The boys had been perusing John's "Gray's Anatomy" book and had left it in the playroom. Jasper apparently spotted it and decided to have a little fun. As far as we can tell, that is the only thing that she actually destroyed, although she had plenty of fun otherwise as you can see! Keep in mind, she did all of this in approximately 1 hour...can you imagine what she could do with a longer amount of time?!

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