Friday, October 1, 2010

The Pink Hat

October 1st. I'm not really a fan of October. September (at least this year) can almost pass as summer still, but October is FALL. Despite the fact that we are supposed to get 80+ degree weather for the next few days (yay!), it's still looming over me. I'm a summer girl. My ideal temperature is 80-90 degrees. Sunshine makes me happy. Fall, rain (unless it's accompanied by 80 degrees), ice, frost, and cold DO NOT make me happy.

Some people get all excited by sweater weather, falling leaves, and, not so much. When John got offered a job in Hawaii, it was tempting PURELY BECAUSE OF THE WEATHER to me (logic won, obviously, since we are in N. Idaho!). By winter, I'm a little better. I've forgotten how much I love summer weather, and the snow sort of makes up for it as long as it isn't EXCESSIVELY snowy (I'm kind of demanding when it comes to weather, apparently).

Anyway, because today is October 1st and that made me a little sad, I started looking at pictures from past October's, and stumbled upon October 2008 where both Preston and Bryton were completely infatuated with a pink cowboy (cowgirl?) hat. It made me smile and I almost forgot that Fall is soon to be upon us.



I'm pretty sure that these 2 boys can pull off the pink hat better than anyone else!
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  1. That pic of Bryton by the window is precious. And I really like your wall color. I'm one of the ones who's excited for warm weather clothes~ so sorry ;)