Friday, January 20, 2012

Ski Day

Today was the big "ski day" that the boys have been counting down to. Initially, John had just planned to take P & B, but Arch couldn't stand to be left behind so I ended up going along too.

Preston and Bryton loved it. LOVED it. Archer and I watched a little, but mostly we stayed in the lodge. By the end of the lesson, Preston was taking the tow rope up and making it down the bunny hill by himself, and B wasn't much behind him. They begged to stay and ski all day, but we had to get back (probably a good thing I was along or the 3 of them might have opted to stay indefinitely).

Archer wasn't very impressed, but he seemed to really like the bathrooms...what is it with kids and public bathrooms?! I avoid them at all costs, but Archer claims to have to potty every 5 seconds just so he can use every bathroom available. Yuck.

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