Thursday, March 14, 2013


The weather has been in low 50's lately, which feels almost like summer here! Anytime that we don't get down to freezing overnight feels like a small victory. I have my spring seeds planted and they are currently sitting on the porch, getting ready for weekend planting. (Please please please no rain!)

Today B & Arch decided to ride bikes/scooters outside. In short sleeves. (For the record, I had multiple layers on still because it wasn't sunny, and whenever it isn't sunny and it's less than 80 degrees, I am cold.) We have a relatively long driveway, which is nice because even though our street isn't busy, we still get some people taking a "back road" to try to avoid traffic since we are in the middle of town. So, I parked the truck at the end of the driveway to keep the little hooligans in and they spent the whole morning out there! Well, until B crashed on his bike and declared he was NEVER going to ride bike again until his wounds he got out his scooter. He then crashed his scooter and decided to never ride his scooter again... And that was the end of their morning ride, but they did pick up again after Preston got home from school!

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