Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Bunny Hill

I conquered the bunny hill yesterday skiing. It has been over 12 years since I have attempted to ski. John was just teaching me to ski when he blew out his knee for the first time, and when I finally got up the guts to go again after his recovery, I got hit by a snowboarder who was totally out of control. So needless to say, I have avoided it. I said I was never going to ski again, but I was wrong. I did it! 

John talked me into taking a lesson, and after the morning "beginner lesson" with 14+ other people and only one instructor, I had basically learned to put my skis on. Thankfully John asked why there were so many students, and they said there shouldn't be that many in a class and offered an afternoon class to me. I was hesitant (didn't want to waste more time!), but I ended up being the only student in the class! I was cruising down the bunny hill in no time. :)

The boys were my little cheerleaders. They were cruising up and down the hill (lapping me of course) and cheering me on every time they saw me. The instructor (who has grandkids) loved it and gave me lots of advice about parenting as well as skiing. Two for one deal!

I have 2 lessons left to go, and while I don't think skiing will ever be my "thing" like it is for John & at least some of the boys, I am hoping that I'll be able to keep up with them (for the next couple of years anyway)!

Me waving to a boy on the lift
John & the little guys on the lift
Arch after a wipe out!

And when we got home we were all EXHAUSTED! We crashed out on the couch & headed to bed super early!

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  1. aww fun! Skyler is itching to teach me to ski! Tips for beginners??