Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Party

Preston's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but since it was during school break, we had his party last night. And what a party it was! We had over 20 kids, and we did a game truck party. 

According to Preston, it was the best party ever...and I have to agree. The kids had so much fun, but I didn't have to stress over games and activities. They were in the house for a total of 30 minutes at the beginning of the party to eat some food, and about 30 minutes at the end for cake.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't get any better for 7-9 year old boys! I hardly got any pictures of the party (because I got to socialize with the adults inside!), but I managed to snap a few. The guy running the game truck was awesome too. He managed to wrangle all those boys and keep them contentedly gaming!
The Skylanders cake

The place to be!

Blowing out the candles

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  1. wow, in the pic of him blowing out candles, he looks just like Matt!