Thursday, July 24, 2014

And he's 5.

My baby turns 5 today. FIVE! Such a big number. The magic "starting school in the Fall" number. (No, I'm not ready for that!)

We are currently in Sun Valley tagging along on a dental conference with John, so we did Arch's big birthday celebration a while ago, but of course we have to make today special too!

We started the morning with a breakfast of chocolate milk, bacon, kix, sweet potato bars, and raspberries. All requested by the 5 year old. 

We are kinda holed up in the condo currently, since it's a bit too cold for a swim and there's not a whole lot of other things to do besides outdoor things. The boys have played a few games, read a book or two, played with Arch's new police car (present from Grandma that he brought along), and they are now watching Daniel Tiger. They are starting to act a bit cooped up though, so we're going swimming after lunch whether it's warm or not!

Archer, at 5:
Still mommy's boy.
Loves loves LOVES the puppy.
Is majorly into police officer stuff. He wants to be a police officer and a dentist when he grows up.
Is opinionated about pretty much everything.
Gets hurt multiple times per day. He's a rough and tough boy! There is no middle ground with this child...he goes 100% until he crashes. 
He is NOT a sleeper. Never has been, but I thought this might change at some point. It hasn't yet! He consistently gets less sleep than both of his brothers. Truthfully, he needs more, but he doesn't like to sleep. When he is well-rested, he has a slightly less intense temperament. :)
Loves water, dirt, worms, animals, cars...boy stuff!
He's still a hugger and cuddler! 

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