Friday, July 25, 2014

Sun Valley

We have been in Sun Valley for the past few days - John has a dental conference so we are tagging along. Honestly...I haven't been super impressed, but I think a lot of that is because we love in such a beautiful place, that it takes a lot to impress me these days (unless it involves 90 degrees, white sandy beaches, and warm ocean water...then it doesn't take much to impress me!). Either way, we've had a fun time and have gotten to see a part of Idaho that we haven't been to before. 

The boys and I have been spending most of our days at the pool. It's been pretty warm, and the pool at the condo we are staying at is pretty quiet. We've spent hours there, and while I can't say it's super relaxing for me (Archer has decided he can't swim, despite being a pretty decent swimmer at swimming lessons!), 2 of the 3 are good enough swimmers that they can do their thing...the one who thinks he can't swim though...that's another story! 

We've also been exploring Sun Valley some. We've tried out a few nice restaurants, checked out the cars for the Sun Valley car rally, and went to the sawtooth botanical gardens. Overall, it's been nice to getaway, but I'm excited to go home!

Ready to road trip!

We had some beautiful scenery on the drive

Pool time!

The botanical garden had a gigantic sandbox...the kids could've played there all day!
The beautiful greenhouse! I got some good ideas...

Dinner at The Cellar Pub. Delicious. But the boys were all in a good coma after downing footlong hand-dipped corndogs and fries!

Tomorrow we start towards home. We haven't decided yet if we will stop in Missoula or try to make it all the way!

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